6AM Wake Up Call Fuels Ori’Zabas Freshness

Every morning before the sun comes up, the Ori’Zaba’s crew is in the restaurant keeping it fresh for our fans.

While most of you are still drinking your coffee, our morning warriors are cleaning and chopping fresh vegetables, hand-trimming and marinating meat, and preparing hand-crafted salsas, sauces, queso, and guacamole.   You should see our knife skills!  More than 50 ITEMS are prepared fresh in store EVERY DAY!  

Unlike most restaurants, Ori’Zaba’s Mexican Grill only uses fresh, whole ingredients – simply for the reason that they TASTE BETTER (not to mention they’re healthier).  Large crates of the freshest GMO-free meats, cheese, peppers, avocados, tomatoes and onions are delivered to our stores, and then professionally blended with delicious spices to make the best tasting food in Vegas.  Sure we could take shortcuts, but why do that when you can taste the love and passion in our food?

Can you really taste the difference?  In a word, yes.   Just ask our longstanding Ori’Zaba’s fans – many who’ve been loyal for a decade and a half.

We have no microwaves. No freezers.  Just wholesome ingredients and delicious dishes, crafted in our made-from-scratch kitchens.

Tell us how much you love our fresh-is-best approach!

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