A New Way to Experience Mexican Food

Veggie Tacos

Authentic Mexican food is fresh, traditional and made from scratch. And that’s how we roll at Ori’Zaba’s. We give each dish a special touch so it tastes fresh and makes you feel good, too! That’s the way it should be. You deserve authentic Mexican food mastered perfectly with the freshest ingredients. Are you ready to savor the difference?

Mexican food is more than greasy, fattening fast food

Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. It’s so diverse, you can find a different signature flavor in every region of Mexico. And with all these regional differences, there’s a lot of variety within each state’s cuisine as well. In Oaxaca, people eat mole (which is sauce made from chocolate, peppers, and other ingredients) with everything from chicken to turkey to pork. Menudo comes from Jalisco. Chochinita pibil (slow roasted pork marinated in citrus juices) comes from Yucatan. All of these flavors are made with natural, whole ingredients derived from the earth, for a complex, nutritious experience.

UNESCO recognizes traditional Mexican food is “an intangible cultural heritage contribution to humanity.”

Fans of Mexican food already know that it is so much more than just tacos, burritos, and nachos. While the core ingredients are often similar, there are over 7,000 varieties of corn in Mexico alone! That translates into countless ways to prepare this delicious grain that, when combined with beans and rice, converts into complete protein that the body can easily use.

The Mexican food we enjoy today has been influenced by the fusion of indigenous ingredients and knowledge with European cuisine.  The Aztecs were one of the most powerful civilizations when they founded Mexico City in the 1300’s. Their cuisine reflected their vast American empire. When the Spanish conquistadors colonized Mexico in the 1500’s, they brought new ingredients and cooking techniques. And Today, Mexican food is still evolving as it travels around the world.

Authentic Mexican food is fresh, traditional, healthy and made from scratch every day.

Traditional Mexican food is convenient, flavorful, and healthy (despite what fast food has turned it into) and we like to think we take it to a whole new level. That’s our commitment to you at Ori’Zaba’s. And Hecho Fresco (Made Fresh!) is our motto. We even make it easy for everyone in your crew to enjoy authentic Mexican food, no matter their dietary preferences.

From our 11 salsas and sauces to our perfectly simmered beans to our seasonal agua frescas, we make EVERYTHING from scratch in-house from whole food ingredients. (It takes a looot of spinach to make a Spinach Pineapple agua fresca, but it’s so worth it!) Every veggie and herb is hand-chopped daily. The same goes for our proteins. You won’t find a freezer or microwave in our kitchen – because fresh food simply tastes better and is better for you!

Get Authentic Mexican Food For Your Whole Crew

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