Agave Nectar – Agua Fresca, Old-World Style

Gave Ya


What’s an agave, you ask?


Agave Definition


Agave Syrup (sometimes called agave nectar) is derived from the plant known as a Blue Agave. This spiky plant grows plentifully in Southern Mexico, due to the rich volcanic soils.  And now its available in Ori’Zaba’s infamous Agua Fresca’s.

The unusual agave plant may remind you of an Aloe Vera plant – that’s because they are from the same family of succulent plants.

The agave nectar is popular in the natural health community due to its lower glycemic index properties and lower calorie count. A tablespoon of agave has 60 calories (compared to sugar at 45 calories). BUT you use far less of the agave nectar for the same results, because agave is 1.5 x sweeter than sugar.

Know why Ori’Zaba’s also loves agave? Because it supports our old world flavors of Mexico, as a more traditional sweetener for our seasonal Agua Fresca’s. If its good enough for centuries in Mexico, its perfect for Ori’Zaba’s. Know who else loves a good Agua Fresca? Kids! Shhhh dont tell them there’s fruit in there. Ori’Zaba’s LOVES kids.

Other fun agave fact?

The sugars in agave are also fermented to make tequila. Add a tequila floater* to your Agua Fresca and you’ll double your agave fun! Come try one (with or without tequila) and let us know what you think.

Agave Agua Fresca’s go great with Tacos, Bowls, Burrito’s, Nachos, Salads, Taquitos. They taste great with everything on our menu, and they’re made fresh daily, with seasonal fruit at it’s peak for maximum flavor. Hecho Fresco: Made Fresh.

*available at participating locations. Must be 21.

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