Agua Fresca – A Mexican Tradition Made Modern

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Agua Fresca – A Mexican Tradition Made Modern

Agua What?  Maybe you’ve heard about the new Agua Fresca at Ori’Zaba’s?  If not, you gotta try one!

Many of the Ori’Zaba’s fans ask us what Agua Fresca is?  Well here’s your explanation:
The direct Spanish translation of Aquas Fresca is “Cool Waters”.
Agua Fresca is a very popular drink in Mexico, typically sold in bodegas, restaurants and juice bars.  It’s a traditional Mexican (and other latin countries) drink which combines fruits and/or vegetables, blended with sugar and water to make a light non-alcoholic beverage (note: Zaba’s also offers an adult version with a tequila floater).
Ori’Zaba’s thought we would bring some of the flavors over the border to our fans, because let’s face it…in the Vegas heat a cool beverage is a welcome sight.  
For maximum taste, we rotate flavors based on peak seasonal fruit.   Last spring we featured a cucumber-lime flavor, and over the summer our watermelon and pineapple flavors have been a huge hit!
Just like all Ori’Zaba’s dishes, we prepare Agua Fresca daily in the store by hand, cutting ripe delicious fruit and blending it with water, a little sugar and ice it down to make a perfectly refreshing fruit beverage.   Its a great alternative to tired soda and tea beverages.
Check in often to see what the next feature flavor will be.  

Don’t forget! We offer a tequila floater (Tequila Breeze) for a seriously delicious drink that goes perfectly with all our Ori’Zaba’s dishes.

If you have ideas for future flavors you’d like to see, let one of our store managers know!
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