American’s Love Affair with Mexican Fixins’

American’s Love Affair with Mexican Fixins’

Sensationally Seasoned Salsas and Sauces – a house-made Ori’Zaba’s Signature

We all know its the fixins’ that make Mexican food fabulous.  Guac, sour cream, salsa, queso – what’s your favorite combination?
Americans consume 800,000 lbs of avocados per year – holy guacamole!  And recently USA sales of salsa surpassed ketchup!  Americans are hooked on Mexican flavors.   But not all salsa, sauces and guacamole are equal.

Not to take away from store-brands, but there is an art to the perfect salsa, guacamole, sauce or marinade –  Ori’Zaba’s has perfected that art.

EVERY MORNING Ori’Zaba’s made-from-scratch kitchens prepare house-made salsas, sauces and marinades.  Boxes of carefully selected peppers, chilis, onions, avocados, tomatoes, and tomatillos, at their peak ripeness and flavor, are cut, smashed, and pureed into the most unique and tasty toppings around:

Full-Flavored Salsas

Mild Salsa – a tomato pico with, onion, cilantro, and spices. Tasty but not spicy.
Medium salsa – corn, red onion jicama and spices.  Delicious, refreshing and slightly spicy.
Green Salsa – tomatillos, jalapenos and spices​.  Super flavorful addition to most anything.
Hot Salsa – roasted tomatoes, arbol chilis, garlic and spices.  For spicy die hards – have your drink ready for relief.

Heavenly Toppings

Guacamole – perfectly ripened and blended with spices.  Not just any avocado will do. 

Queso – unique balance of cheese, tomatillos, salsa and spices​.  Ours is white, the traditional way.

Roasted jalapeños – roasted fresh in-house daily​.  Another signature item.

Totally Addicting Sauces

Cilantro Pesto – SIGNATURE sauce made with garlic​​, ​ walnut, and cilantro pesto​.  You’ll wake up at night craving this.
Chipotle Ranch – zesty house-made ranch.  This aint your mamma’s ranch dressing.
​Balsamic Vinaigrette – vibrant, blended with salsa and spices.  Exceptional flavor.

Just like pairing wine with food, the perfect topping blend can set a Mexican Dish apart.  Our staff favorites: 

– Cilantro Pesto is great with chicken, fish and salads.  Caution: addicting!   
– Chipotle Ranch is of course great with salads, but try adding it to seafood dishes (such as our award-winning fish tacos).  Also showcased on the Perfecto Zaba’s Chicken Wrap.
– Queso – okay who are we kidding, hot and spicy cheese sauce makes everything taste great, but try it with steak fries and of course nachos or Perfecto Mini Nachos.   
– Guacamole is an excellent topping for any meat or fish entree, and especially delicious (and free) with vegetarian dishes and taquitos.  
– Roasted jalapeños – sliced or whole, and pair well with shredded beef and carnitas.  Can be medium or hot depending on the season.  

Tell us about your favorite Ori’Zaba’s topping flavor combo.

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