An Open Letter Las Vegas Police Officers – Thank You

Dear Police Officers,

In a word – THANKS! 

We know the work you do is difficult:

-You head out to work every day, not knowing what you will face.  

-Unsure what the risk might be.  

-What problem, no matter how big or small, you are asked to solve.  

-What great people you might encounter.  

-Or how often your good deeds go unnoticed.   


Well we noticed!  You are the heartbeat of our community, and we appreciate you.    

Last fall, you, your fellow police officers and emergency responders were put to the ultimate test, facing a mass shooting scenario.   And all Vegas felt the pain you endured.  Ori’Zaba’s showed our appreciation of you, providing much needed food donations to fellow emergency and healthcare workers, many who were volunteering just to help victims of the tragedy.  

Now more than ever, we appreciate you.  That terrible event opened the eyes of Las Vegas, and we think you are living, breathing heroes.   And we thank you for keeping Vegas safe.   

In honor of National Police Week, Ori’Zaba’s would once again like to thank you for your efforts.   Police in uniform, stop by Ori’Zaba’s all week, from May 13th through 19th and your entrée is 1/2 price.  In fact, ALL YEAR LONG we support officers with ½ price entrées    

We hope you will visit us at Ori’Zaba’s so we can thank you in person.  

 With Our Deepest Appreciation, 

The Ori’Zaba’s Staff, Management, and Owners.   




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