Best Kept Secrets – #1 The Burrito Roll

OriZaba’s Best Kept Secrets 

(aka Zecrets)

#1 The Burrito Roll


There are a lot of fun, little know facts about Ori’Zaba’s food, company history and employees.  Check back frequently to keep up on all our Zecrets!


Zecret #1 – The Burrito Roll Certification 

Did you know there’s an art to rolling a burrito?  There is!


Picture this – you ask for all your favorite ingredients in your burrito – and you take your first bite and all you get is a month full of guacamole.  Dont get us wrong, we all love guac.   But you didnt order a guacamole burrito – you ordered a burrito and you want all the flavors including meats and toppings, combined in a single bite.  THIS is the art of the burrito roll.  


A burrito rolled properly combines the ingredients together, so each and every bite is perfect!  

Our staff is trained (and certified) on the perfect Ori’Zaba’s burrito roll.  They don’t get to prepare your burrito for you unless they pass a course in rolling your burrito just right!  Nope, they are sidelined until they have the “burrito roll” down – to ensure all your requested ingredients are evenly distributed.

That’s just how we roll.  Sorry couldn’t resist.   

Get to Ori’Zaba’s today and ask them to combine your ideal burrito ingredients, and watch for the magic that is our perfected burrito roll.  

Shhhhh, dont tell….more Zecrets to be revealed – watch social media!




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