Best Kept Zecret #2 – Our Employees Create Recipes!

Zalapeno Balls



Best Kept Zecret #2 

Some restaurants like to play it safe, preparing the same recipes since the day they opened. Not at Ori’Zaba’s.

We understand your dining habits evolve and your needs change. That’s why we are always looking for fresh ideas for new and delicious options at Ori’Zaba’s.

Did you know that some of our best recipes have been created by our employees? Yup, the Zecret’s out.

We always encourage employee feedback and ideas for new options, as long as these ideas follow the standards that Ori’Zaba’s sets forth, including only fresh ingredients, nothing from the freezer, and filled with flavor and quality.

We have very talented professional cooks (and even home kitchen chef wannabes) who’ve come up with some brilliant recipes that are now enjoyed by the masses.

Here’s a list of some dishes that were born from the creativity of our very own talented employees.

  • Zalapeno Ballz – these have won awards!
  • Rotating Agua Fresca flavors – we love experimenting with the freshest seasonal fruit…this week we are welcoming back the popular pineapple version. Hint: make it a ZabaRita with tequila…so good it should be illegal.
  • Queso – ours is white with the best blend of cheese and chili. We launched this at The Bite Of Las Vegas and it was an instant hit. Also an award winner.
  • Wraps – our customers were looking for healthier options so we went to work, creating this delicious sandwich alternative.
  • Tortilla soup – a seasonal favorite…and the perfect item on cold winter days.
  • Ceviche – another award winner…this ceviche will stand up to any ceviche anywhere. And with freshly-made tortilla chips…you’ll be hooked.

Shhhhh…another Zecret… We will be launching even more vegetarian and vegan options this fall. We’ll keep you posted.

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