Best Kept Zecret #3 – 12 Hours of Prep for 15 minutes of Joy


Best Kept Zecret #3

12 hours of prep for 15 minutes of joy


Our prep cooks arrive early each morning and don’t stop cooking until just before we close. That’s over 12 hours of love, made fresh (hecho fresco) for you. And it’s totally worth it.

When you realize we prepare over 50 items fresh daily, it only makes sense that to keep the flavors fresh and the quality perfect, it requires non-stop preparation and cooking all day long.

This rigorous standard starts the day we hire an employee. They go through hours and days of training to make sure they understand our processes, safety procedures, and that recipe consistency is maintained.

We do not have bins of pre-cut ingredients, or frozen meats. Every ingredient arrives on our dock whole. We inspect the ingredients and only use those that are fresh. Then the work begins, washing, chopping, marinating, mixing, grilling and baking.

12 hours of love. So you can thoroughly enjoy your fifteen minutes eating your burrito, or bowl, or salad, or salsa, or tacos, or ceviche, or guacamole, or……….

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