Best Kept Zecret #4 – Marinated Meats Matter

Best Kept Zecret #4 – Marinated Meats Matter

Did you know Ori’Zaba’s marinates all of our meats for maximum flavor?

But does marinating actually make a difference?

For ages, commercial and home chefs have relied on marinating meat.  Marinades are generally used for one of two reasons…
1) to infuse cuts of meat with desired flavor, creating a tasty bite in every morsel. 
2) tenderizing meats, for maximum moisture and juiciness. 
Many marinades contain an acid such as lime juice to help break down the texture of the meat.  They also often contain oils or other liquids, and spices.

Ori’Zaba’s is no different.  We discovered early in our recipe testing that marinades, with our signature blend of seasonings,  made a significant difference in the flavor profiles in our proteins, including beef, chicken, and fish.   Every morning our cooks hand trim our meat and then marinate the cuts for hours before grilling them to perfection.  This creates consistency and depth in our flavors, and our guests oftentimes tell us how much more flavorful the food is at Ori’Zaba’s.   We agree!

Our tacos, burritos, bowls, quesadillas, nachos and salads all start with the perfectly marinated protein. And for those who aren’t meat lovers, we have plenty of  vegetarian and vegan options that are also prepared with the same care our signature meats are made with.

The pairing:  our marinades layer in flavors on top of our Corn Salsa, Pico, Fiesta Salsa, Traditional Queso, Queso Planta, Guacamole, Chipotle Ranch, Cilatro Pesto and other delicious toppings.  Choose as many or as few toppings as you like – they will all pair well with our marinated meats.

Get to Ori’Zaba’s today and try a taste or our fantastic marinated meats!

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