Best Kept Zecret #4 – We Dont Use Freezers Or Microwaves

Best Kept Zecret #4 – There are no freezers or microwaves at Ori’Zaba’s.

Is “No Freezers” really a thing?
How about “No Microwaves”…..

Why should you care if there are freezers or microwaves in a restaurant?

Here’s why:
Freezers are for slackers.

Why you ask? You dont want to go to a restaurant that uses freezers, because they are likely taking shortcuts and buying their ingredients in bulk from a central commissary. And not just in bulk, but pre-sliced, or pre-cooked, or pre-seasoned – and then FROZEN.

When was the lasts time you had a frozen vegetable that tasted as good a fresh one? Let us answer that for you. Never.

If you go to a restaurant and the meat is suspiciously uniform in size, and grill marks are miraculous even, and the vegetables are all exactly the same size, they’re likely using frozen, pre-fabricated, machine-chopped ingredients.

Or worse, they use pre-fabricated packaged meals that require no recipe and no chef – they’re just “warmed up”, hence the reason you want to choose a restaurant like Ori’Zaba’s who uses no microwaves. Again, when was the last time you had a microwaved meal that had the same quality and taste as something prepared freshly, just for you, and to your liking?  Microwaves are for posers who disguise themselves as cooks or chefs.

To recap… Freezers are for slackers. Microwaves are for posers. No posers or slackers allowed in an Ori’Zaba’s kitchen.

People like you who love fresh, delicious food know to come to Ori’Zaba’s, where cooks (who actually cook, not just warm up) arrive at 7AM daily, to chop, marinate, spice, mix, grill, and prepare everything to your liking.  They chop 6300 lbs of produce per month in every restaurant. No freezer required.

Run to Ori’Zaba’s to get a fresh taco, burrito, salad, bowl, nachos, taquitos, guacamole, salsa, dressings, Queso’s, rice, beans, cheese, Aqua Fresca, chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, fajita mix, rice, beans, in infinite combinations. All were made fresh (hecho fresco) for you TODAY.

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