Plant Based Meal

I am constantly trying to find ways to get more vegetables into my family’s diet. My kids definitely fall into the macaroni and chicken nugget connaisseur realm. By ordering delivery or dining at environmentally friendly restaurants that fall into the whole foods category that we discussed in our past blogs, I feel like a semi-competent […]

Spicy Guacamole

Dare to be Spicy I’ve got this friend that loves to find the hottest hot sauce he can find, and then he proceeds to dare me to dump half the bottle on whatever I am eating, to see if I can stand the heat. Usually, I end up with tears streaming down my face and […]

Spicy Guacamole

Back by popular demand… And only for a limited time… Can I get a round of applause for… our Spicy Guacamole! Guacamole That Packs Some Heat We’ve amped up our traditional guac with some chipotle chili peppers. With fresh, never frozen, avocados as the base, we add red onion, cilantro, fresh lime juice, garlic and […]

Plant Based Meal

Are you following a plant-based diet?  Or maybe just looking to add some more veggies to your meals?  Whatever your dietary needs, Ori’Zaba’s has scratch made options to please every palate.  Plant-based Mexican Food We’ve crafted authentic recipes using savory spices to bring traditional flavors to life in our plant-based fare. Our popular Jackfruit Tacos […]

Ultimate Steak Fries

Have you tried Ori’Zaba’s Ultimate Steak Fries?  Bring your hungriest self because this mountain of magic yum requires an empty belly or many friends to share it with! Beyond Steak Fries Our creation takes steak fries to the next level. Heaps and mounds of deep fried, diced potatoes and marinated sirloin plus tasty toppings, makes […]

Holiday Catering

Holiday decorations have hit the shelves of many stores, becoming a jumble of turkeys, pumpkins and reindeer! With all of these holiday reminders everywhere you look, holiday prep lists slowly filter onto the refrigerator door and fill our brains. From planning costumes, to prepping the house for guests, baking and shopping, the last few months […]

Super Spicy Salsa Challenge

We dare you…double dog dare you… Can you handle the heat? This is not for wimpy taste buds! It’s our Super Spicy Salsa Challenge! Wanna Hop on That Carolina Reaper Train? We dare you to eat a serving of our new Pebre Salsa Picante on any entree, and if you can finish it in one […]

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15 and celebrates the many contributions and cultures of the American Latino community. Beginning in 1968, under President Lyndon Johnson, the celebration started as a week-long event and was extended to a month in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan.  Festivals, art shows and community celebrations mark this month every […]