Consistent quality is key to a franchise business’ brand, and owner success. So, when you’re considering investing in a food franchise, be sure to pay attention to the processes and procedures in place to help ensure quality—and your reputation—such as: Recipe Standards: From food portioning to prep, ask about how the franchise business standardizes recipes […]

As you plan your food restaurant franchise, location is critical so consider these factors to identify the right spot to set up shop. Customers: Think about your ideal customers: how they live, work, shop and do other activities. Consider if you need a place by mass transit, or zoning that allows drive-thrus, or if you […]

Serious entrepreneurs looking for a great franchise business opportunity are wise to consider restaurants. But how do you choose one you want to be a part of? For some, it’s all about the company, its offerings, and operating values. Others look for growth potential. Still other investors pick based on lifestyle factors like hours or […]

After the ribbons are cut, franchisees looking to maximize the success of their locations should leverage all available resources from the franchise business. If you’re considering investing in a food franchise, be sure to ask about the following so you can gauge the level of support you can expect over the long term. Training: Whether […]

Serious investors evaluating fast-casual food franchise businesses have a lot to consider. When reviewing a restaurant, identifying additional opportunities for future growth and success is key. And one of the most important contributors to a site’s potential is the existence of multiple revenue streams that can extend the brand and reach new customers. Here are […]

For entrepreneurs considering investing in a food franchise business, it’s critical to conduct a thorough evaluation to minimize your risk and maximize your success. And one of the most important aspects of a franchise to evaluate are whether it has proven processes that will effectively improve margins, manage labor, and contain food costs. Here are […]

For investors considering a food franchise business, two of the biggest considerations are the initial investment outlay and subsequent/ongoing fees. When researching potential companies, it’s important to have a clear picture of the requirements to ensure a good fit. Here are some common expenses incurred that may serve as valuable discussion points with franchises to […]