Celebrate National Cheese Day with “The Original Queso Dip”!

Celebrate National Cheese Day with “The Original Queso Dip”!

For all you cheese fans out there, today, June 4, is your day; National Cheese Day!

Today you have every reason to take an extra serving of your favorite dairy product. Whether you prefer your cheese shredded, melted or sliced; throw some on your favorite meal and celebrate National Cheese Day with the rest of us cheeseheads!

A Few “Cheesy” Facts

  • Cheeses illegal in the U.S.: Roquefort, Brie de Meaux and Casu Marzu
    • These cheeses are banned because certain bacteria levels (which are necessary to make the cheese) are above FDA requirements.
  • The European Union is #1 producer of cheese in the world
  • The U.S comes in at #2 for most cheese produced in the world
  • Wisconsin wins the prize for most cheese produced in the U.S.
  • On average, the French consume the most cheese at 60 pounds per person
  • Germany comes in second with 53 pounds of cheese consumed per person
  • Americans only consume about 34 pounds of cheese per person
  • Mice don’t actually like cheese, they prefer sweets and carbs, but will eat cheese if it’s the only thing around!

Source: http://www.holidayscalendar.com/event/national-cheese-day/  and https://www.statista.com/statistics/195809/cheese-production-in-selected-countries-2009/

Types of Cheese

Did you know there are over 2,000 types of cheeses produced around the world? A few types of cheese and their classification are listed below. Can you find your favorite below?

  • Fresh: Cottage, Ricotta and farmer cheeses
  • Quick aged: Farmhouse Cheddar, Camembert,  Haloumi
  • Aged: Sharp Cheddar, Bleu, Parmesan
  • Cow: Camembert, Gorgonzola, Asiago
  • Goat: Chevre, Caprino, Aragon
  • Sheep: Pecorino Romano, Manchango, Roquefort
  • Water Buffalo: Mozzarella di Bufala, Borelli, Toma
  • Very Soft: Mascarpone, Neufchâtel, Fromage Blanc
  • Soft: Brie, Limburger, Feta
  • Semisoft: Baby Swiss, Butterkase, Mysost
  • Semihard: Brick, Edam, Gouda
  • Hard: Parmesan, Stilton, Romano

Source: https://www.hobbyfarms.com/cheese-making-basics-2/

The Original Queso Dip

Queso counts as a cheesy dish you can eat on National Cheese Day! At Ori’Zaba’s we use cheddar cheese to make our legendary queso. This creamy, delicious dip goes great with chips and is spiced just right. Many of our customers have told us that this dip is hands-down, their favorite queso.

Our queso is also amazing slathered on nachos and burritos. Buy a quart and take it home where you can get crazy and put it on everything from, homemade mac and cheese to enchiladas. The Original Ori’Zaba’s Queso Dip makes everything taste better!

Plant-based Queso Dip

And don’t worry dairy-free fans, we’ve got something equally tasty for you! Our signature vegan queso is made from a cashew and potato base and is deceptively delicious. It goes great with chips on nachos or anything else you need to add a dairy-free touch too.

Today’s your chance to celebrate all things cheesy; shredded, cubed, melted, crisped or sliced, however, you take your cheese, pile it on today, and enjoy every bite.

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