Considering a Restaurant Franchise? Here are Five Key Infrastructure Components to Look For

For entrepreneurs considering investing in a food franchise business, it’s critical to conduct a thorough evaluation to minimize your risk and maximize your success. And one of the most important aspects of a franchise to evaluate are whether it has proven processes that will effectively improve margins, manage labor, and contain food costs.

Here are five systems to review as you search for the perfect investment opportunity:

  1. Systems Documentation: Restaurant franchises should ease expansion possibilities and improve COG performance by having systems in place such as electronic training programs, credit card/technology security standards, portioning standards and recipe documentation.
  2. Management and Reporting Tools: Operations should offers software tools for accounting, payroll, labor, management, inventory, and more that boost efficiency while offering reporting that allows owners and operators to drill down into details and trends.
  3. Master Vendor Agreements: A great way for chains to improve the competitive advantage and profitability of the franchises is to have master vendor agreements with a single food purveyor for food acquisition costs comparative to larger chains.
  4. Digital Menu Boards: For optimal product promotions, franchises should offer digital menu boards instead of static options to make the most memorable impression on new and loyal customers.
  5. Food Preparation Standards: With food franchises, safety and consistency are key so it’s important that the business has standardized food prep processes that can be taught restaurant-wide through written and video instruction backed by documentation and knowledge checks.

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