Cool Off with our New Agua Frescas

Cucumber Lime

Need a refreshing drink?

An escape from the summer heat?

Transportation to an island getaway?

While we can’t buy you a plane ticket to an all-inclusive getaway resort, we can give you a taste of a summer vacation via our new Agua Frescas! Step right up for a tall, cool refreshing glass of Cucumber Lime or zippy JavaChata Iced Coffee.

Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca

This new flavor is made from scratch every single day, which means fresh flavors pop in every beverage. 

We only use cucumber, lime and sugar in our beverage. No artificial sweeteners or frozen fruit here! 

Our fresh ingredients are chopped by hand and then masterfully blended to create a cooling yet energizing drink, perfect for a hot summer day!

JavaChata Ori’Zaba’s Iced Coffee

We have taken the traditional Mexican Horchata drink to the next level by creating it in small batches with our own homemade rice milk. We take rice, water and a touch of cinnamon and let it all marinate overnight. 

Then we blend it together the next day with a little sugar and vanilla, until the mixture is smooth and creamy. We add our cold-brew iced coffee for a little bit of a kick, giving this JavaChata a delightfully creamy, coffee flavor. The drink is reminiscent of rice pudding, a light and refreshing dessert, but this one you can sip through a straw. A perfect summer indulgence!

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