Dia De La Raza – Honoring Traditions

What’s A Dia De La Raza?


Dia De La Raza is a national holiday celebrating the heritage and cultural diversity of Latin America.


The holiday occurs on or near Columbus Day.  Why Associate with Columbus Day?

Hispanic cultures wish to distinguish their indigenous race, as the first people of North America.  As some history books teach us, on October 12, 1492, Columbus “discovered America”, but in actuality, Native American tribes and civilizations predate his famous voyage, stepping foot on the “new world” as the first interaction between Europeans and America. Later it was discovered that it was an entire new continent occupied by multi-cultures and races.


Translate Dia De La Raza?

Raza means race in Spanish, or Dia Day La Raza – Race Day.


The holiday celebrates the Hispanic heritage of Latin America and honors many of the countries that were conquered by Spain and other European explorers.


Who Celebrates Dia De La Raza?


Many Latin countries and Spanish speaking countries celebrate Dia De La Raza, including Venezuela, Uruguay, Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina, commemorate the indigenous people.


What Traditions Surround Dia De La Raza?


Dia De La Raza traditions include parades, bullfights, dances, fiestas, and of course FOOD.  


Many of the same foods served at Ori’Zaba’s today.

Ori’Zaba’s Old Word Flavors Are Soaked in Tradition.

Ori’Zaba’s has long honored Mexican traditions.  In fact it’s in our name – honoring Mt Ori’Zaba outside Mexico City, where our old-world recipes originate. Try our tacos, bowls, burritos, salads, nachos and vegetarian dishes.


Come celebrate Dia De La Raza with Ori’Zaba’s – October 12th.

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