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Our mission statement states “Ori’Zaba’s Is Food for the Soul”.  And there’s more than one way to feed your soul.  Sure our food is delicious and goes right to the heart, but feeding the inner soul is just as important.  That’s why Ori’Zaba’s goes to great lengths to feed the soul of our community.


In Time of Tragedy

Last fall, with the Las Vegas shooting tragedy, our employees began texting and calling their store GMs.  And our GMs started calling our management team.  They were desperate to figure out how they could give back to the community at such a tragic and trying time.


So the team did what they do best.  They cooked.  And they cooked and they cooked. When it was all said and done, Ori’Zaba’s dedicated team donated:


  • 400 meals to FBI (Through LVMPO Wives Organization)
  • 500 meals to Valley Hospital (Through The Crossing Church)
  • 450 meals to police (Through American Red Cross)


We weren’t surprised that our team responded in such a powerful way – it’s what they do.  They care about the community and our neighbors.


In What We Do Every Day

Another key player in the Las Vegas Community are the hard working police officers of the LVPD.  Since the inception of Ori’Zaba’s 16 years ago, we’ve donated ½ price meals to on-duty police offers who needed a place to breath for a minute, pause and re-energize their souls, before hitting the streets again to protect our community. We are proud to say that in just December alone, Ori’Zaba’s contributed over $2100 in food donations to our valued police officers.   But even more value perhaps, are the smiling faces of gratitude they are met with each time they step into an Ori’Zaba’s.


We also make other contributions to the soul of the community in charitable food donations to support wonderful causes, such as school fundraisers, school reading programs, the Candlelighters, and the American Heart Association, to name a few.


In December alone, we gave back over $2,000 dollars in food to the hungry through Casa de Luz and Serving Hope.

Ori’Zaba’s Cares! 

Our mission is to feed the soul of every guest with world class Mexican cuisine, made every day by hand in our scratch kitchens, with the finest, freshest ingredients.   


We feed your souls – and we appreciate how the community feeds ours as well. 

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