Food Franchises Benefit from Flexibility

While customers like to see tried-and-true standards on the menu, what keeps a fast-casual restaurant relevant is staying up with changing customer tastes. And that means having a plan for continually updating their menu with new offerings.

When you’re evaluating franchise businesses, see if the business regularly introduces new items. While these shouldn’t branch out too far from their core, they should be novel enough to intrigue diners and bring them in the door. Why? An innovative menu drives:

  • Customer Growth and Retention: With new offerings, you’ll not only attract new customers but re-engage existing ones as well.
  • Trendsetter Status: By staying ahead of the market, you’ll look current, elevating your standing in the market.
  • Staff Retention: Allowing staff to create new dishes will boost their creativity and inspiration and keep them engaged in the business.
  • Incremental Revenue: These offerings also help boost guest checks averages.

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