Foreign Flavors: The Next Big Thing in Fast Casual

With the country’s multi-cultural population, it should come as no surprise that fast casual restaurants are tapping into the demographic diversity. Today, more businesses are offering ethnic flavors and ingredients from all over the world to meet Americans’ desires for authentic food options here at home.

For entrepreneurs thinking about investing in a food franchise specializing in foreign flavors, consider the business’ approach to three key elements:

  • Innovation: Native cuisines are hot right now so when evaluating globally-inspired options, look for things like exotic ingredients, menus that change regularly, and dishes that appeal to the adventurous diner.
  • Authentic Essence: Successful restaurants with an international twist not only offer quality food but also set themselves apart with other native touches like cocktails, entertainment, and the use of dual language signs and menus that add believability.
  • Flexibility: Fast casual consumers want customizable, made-to-order options, so when considering your options, find out whether the ethnic menus allow diners to pick and choose ingredients or have alternative choices like vegetarian or vegan dishes.

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