Game Changer! You Can Make it a Shredded Beef and Sweet Potato Bowl – Fresh Mexican Food Series

Bowl of Sweet Potatoes

“Sweet, I can make it a shredded beef and sweet potato bowl?” is something we hear from new customers often! We know they are stoked because this option is a fresh Mexican food game-changer.

It’s true!

Sweet Potatoes Are Fresh

Yes, they are literally fresh (golden brown and lightly salted), because as we explained in part 1 of this Fresh Mexican Food Series, that’s our style!

But in this instance, we mean fresh, as in unique! Very few Mexican restaurants serve sweet potatoes.

In fact, even though potatoes are a traditional Mexican food staple, you will also be hard-pressed to find a Mexican restaurant that serves “regular” potatoes.

Sweet, Savory, and Spicy For The Win

There is no reason, at all, that the dynamic sweet, savory, and spicy flavor combo needs to be limited to your Asian food excursions.

When you opt for a sweet potato bowl, your taste buds are in for a wild ride!

The sweet, that’s your potato.

The savory, is the shredded beef itself.

The spicy of course comes from the marriage of the beef’s Zabadobo™ marinade and our fresh handmade salsas.

When that first bite enters your mouth, you’ll be all…

“It’s sweet, no it’s spicy, no it’s savory… wait sweet again. Well, snap, isn’t this fun!? I’m #winning the flavor game over here at Ori’Zaba’s.”

You’ll love it so much – never wanting it to end – that you’ll wish you had ordered the Extra Clasico size (double the protein option).

Take Your Sweet Potato Burrito Bowl to The Next Level

Now you have your custom game-changing shredded beef and sweet potato bowl, but why stop there!?

If you are gonna treat yourself, might as well go all out!

Assuming you already opted to up the savory factor by ordering your bowl Extra Clasico, here are some other ideas…

Up the sweetness factor by pairing it with a fresh seasonal artisanal agua fresca
Make it a meal with a side of chips and queso (or queso planta)

6 Sweet Potato Bowls to Choose From

Perhaps the best part about making a shredded beef and sweet potato bowl…

…it’s just the beginning!

“Say what? How so?”

Since you can add sweet potato to any Zaba Bowl, there are a wapping six other flavor combinations you can explore.

Chicken, shrimp, fish, steak, jackfruit carnitas, and veggie!

… add your go-to fresh fixings

… and top it off with sweet potatoes!

Voilà a sweet potato burrito bowl to your taste! Or in keeping with authentic Mexican tradition should we say,

“¡aquí está un tazón de burrito de camote, a tu gusto!”

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