Get To Know Your Customer Contest A Hit!

Ori'Zaba's in the Community

In late April we hosted a “Get to Know Our Guests” contest.  

Why would we want to get to know our guests, you may ask?  

Because every day we see familiar faces of our repeat customers, some who have been coming to our restaurants for 10-15 years! And while we are always happy to see them, and many times give them their “usual” order (which we generally know without having to ask), we don’t always KNOW our guests.


What are their interest?

How do they spend their days?

Why do they love Ori’Zaba’s?

What might we do better?

So we decided to host a customer appreciation contest!   

Guests placed their business cards in our fishbowl to win one of the coveted 3 seats at a free lunch at Ori’Zaba’s, hosted by the store GM.   Well it was a hit!  

GM’s drew the lucky winners, and invited them to join us for lunch.


Thanks for all those who took time out of their busy workdays to celebrate with us.   We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback and we were happy to get to know our customers a little bit more.


Winners were treated to some of our 40+ made-from-scratch-daily items… and we told them about the comeback of our infamous ZabaRita. They were maybe most happy about that!



The contest was really successful we will repeat it soon.  Watch for the fishbowl!

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