Gift Cards Black Friday Style

Gift Cards

I need a gift for my Dad, who has everything! 

I need a gift I can mail to my grandma, who is socially distancing this holiday. 

I would love to mail my Dad a plate of Ultimate Steak Fries, but I don’t think it would fit very easily into a box, they are piled so high with steak and potatoes. 

Even a better idea, I can purchase gift cards Black Friday style; I purchase $25 in gift cards and then I get $5 free! My Dad can get those Ultimate Steak Fries, without me having to mail them!

Gift Cards Black Friday Style

My family are die-hard fans of scratch Mexican food. Given the choice of burgers or bulging burritos, the burritos win…Every. Single. Time. 

You could say my family’s love of fresh food from Ori’Zaba’s runs very deep. And in the spirit of #sharingthelove, I’m passing it on to friends and family this year so they can experience firsthand (wait…how do you spell firsthand? First-hand, first hand or firsthand?? Whatever, you get the idea…)  the heavenly food coma aura we get from Ori’Zaba’s! Not to mention giving the gift of a gift card is the ultimate stress-free holiday shopping experience. I like to give a little something to the people who have helped me throughout the year. These are the people that are on my list this year. 

  • Mail Carrier: My ultimate COVID hero, delivering all my Amazon loot.
  • Hairdresser: Because she had a big, hairy job with my COVID mop!
  • Physician & Therapist: For all those anxiety issues, they were always there for me.
  • Music & Dance Teacher: Via Zoom, these guys and gals helped get my kids off video games…for a few minutes!
  • Barista: Can’t. Live. Without. Coffee.
  • Zoom Teacher: Heaven sent peace and quiet in the house for a little bit.
  • Anyone needing a little extra cheer.

All of these people are more deserving than ever this year; they need a little extra cheer and great big thank you! I think I will be purchasing at least $50 in gift cards so I can get $10 free! Don’t tell Santa, but I’m keeping one of the cards for myself!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

My teens’ gift lists include every form of expensive technology; my wallet can’t handle their list this year! Also, they are always hungry and my wallet can’t handle the grocery bill either. 

Parental unit dilemmas, right?

But, I have a stocking stuffer gift idea for teens this year that will make my life easier and will get the kids out of the house…double win! I’m going to stuff an Ori’Zaba’s gift card in their stocking. With the $5 free when I purchase $25, I’m going to load up a card for my teens and their friends, and I’m going to get a few cards for our family too.

Good Tasting Family Gifts 

I am not the best at wrapping gifts, so a gift card is right up my alley. Pop it in an envelope and stick on a bow, that’s my kind of Christmas wrapping! 

Plus, sometimes the Parental Unit needs an excuse to NOT cook dinner; a break from kitchen duties. Finding carry-out that everyone can agree on, is always a challenge at our house. 

However, at Ori’Zaba’s, everyone gets to create their own meal, which is a win-win for all hungry bellies. I’m personally planning on ordering the Ultimate Steak Fries and challenging my teens to a #chowdown contest. I might even sneak some #spicyguacamole on the top of their creations and see if they can handle the heat!

Cheesy Christmas Movie Night

Depending on the requirements for social distancing, I may use my gift cards to order carry out for my family. It’s a holiday tradition in our house to do a cheesy Christmas movie night. Creating a build your own burrito or nacho bar would go perfect with a heavy dose of cheesy holiday cheer. 

However you choose to use your Ori’Zaba’s gift cards this year, do it with a heart full of gratitude for friends and family, near and far!

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