h-e-double-hockey-stick has frozen over. a winning vegas hockey team! #nocaps

just say no to capitals #nocaps

especially the washington capitals,

as they face our beloved vegas golden knights.


vegas is the birthplace of two great teams – ori’zaba’s and the vegas golden knights.   both shocked the h-e-double-hockey-stick out of vegas with their early successes, but more importantly they showed the heart and soul that is vegas, and its people.


we are so proud of the stellar vegas golden knights



but is getting to the stanley cup playoffs a win win?

according to the washington post, there is some sweet irony about this particular stanley cup playoff with “a nexus of hometown rooting interests and legal sports wagering… the series also underscores the risks at play, particularly for the house. in las vegas, locals backed the long shot and casinos are now bracing for a big hit… bogdanovich, william hill’s chief oddsmaker listed the city’s new hockey team as 250-to-1 long shots to win the stanley cup in their first year of existence. the true odds before the season, he said, should’ve been closer to 2,500 to 1. every expert had them finishing dead last or maybe next to last in the western conference,” said bogdanovich



casinos could be facing seven figure losses, but the sense of community, and other economic factors make it all worth it… then again we don’t own a casino.


what better way to celebrate our expansion team than with our very own vegas-born ori’zabas. the winning team at ori’zaba’s is wearing their black and gold proud. 

come see us before heading to the game. or if you are watching from home, don’t forget to pick up crowd-pleasing sizes of guac, chips, salsa, quesos, taco-fixins, or pre-made platters.   #relaxwegotthis.


if we were gamblin’ men and women, which we are, we would place our bets on vegas’ golden knights.


go team. #nocaps



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