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Healthy Foods - Reasons to invest in a scratch Mexican grill

Let’s play a mid-week Choose Your Own Adventure: You’re sitting in your car at the turn into your neighborhood after a long day. You want a healthy meal for dinner but your belly is growling. Can you hold out to prepare your homemade meal with fresh ingredients? Almost by divine (devilish?) intervention, that catchy Mexican fast food commercial pops on the radio. Your mouth starts watering. Just this once. Then you can get back on track and use those fresh ingredients tomorrow. It’ll be fine, right? Do you:

A: Make a bee line for the nearest drive-thru, promising to cook tomorrow’s meal tonight after you wake up from your food coma

B: Head to Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill, where casual dining is easy and healthy

Traditional Mexican food is convenient, flavorful, and healthy (despite what fast food has turned it into) and we like to think we take it to a whole new level. When you want to eat healthy but don’t have time to prepare your own meal, let us take care of you!

Where’s the freezer?

Every one of Ori’Zaba’s appetizers, entrees, and sides can be prepared to suit any dietary preference, including gluten-free and plant-based diets. We make EVERYTHING from scratch with whole food ingredients. That’s right – there are NO freezers and NO microwaves on the premises. They’re banned for life. It’s not personal.

What Are Whole Food Ingredients?

We’re not referencing a supermarket when we talk about our “whole food” ingredients. Rather, we’re talking about natural ingredients that aren’t processed before cooking. At Ori’Zaba’s, that includes freezing. Most vegetables are blanched before freezing, which involves dipping the vegetables in boiling water for a short time to preserve texture and color as well as kill bacteria. Many vegetables are also processed with sugar, salt, and other preservatives before freezing.

Don’t get us wrong…frozen vegetables are a fantastic way to get more vegetables in your diet while reducing food waste, especially when you’re cooking at home. 

But when you’re eating with us, we want to give you the BEST. Fresh, never frozen, ingredients taste best because the cell walls aren’t ruptured and compromised by the freezing process. Your proteins have the best flavor because they don’t undergo lipid oxidation like frozen meats do. And you get the best nutrition with our many raw vegetable dishes.

Scratch-Made Everything

From our 11 salsas and sauces to our perfectly simmered beans to our seasonal agua frescas, we make EVERYTHING from scratch in-house. (It takes a lot of spinach to make a Spinach Pineapple agua fresca, but it’s so worth it!) Every veggie and herb is hand-chopped daily. The same goes for our proteins.

Plant-Based Options

Salads and raw fruits and veggies are great. But our plant-based options are hearty and flavorful! We have 41 delicious plant-based items to suit your dietary needs. From a classic bean burrito without cheese or sour cream to our legendary seven-layer burrito with guacamole, there are plenty of vegan options at Taco Bell.

You can also customize any entree to suit your dietary needs and tastes. Might we suggest the OZ JackAsada Tacos inside a Clasico Burrito?

Dietary Restrictions

Talk about freedom: we love serving our gluten-free, dairy-free, oil-free, and nut-free guests! And if you’re watching your calories, check out The Good portion of our menu. It features our healthiest, low calorie options, like our Skinny Chicken Wrap, that will make your tastebuds dance with joy.

Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill: Healthy Eating & Togetherness

There are many restaurants that promote healthy eating, but Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill brings a new light to healthy eating and togetherness. Whether it’s a mid-week frenzy or a casual Sunday out with the family, our fresh (never frozen!) ingredients, scratch-made everything, and inclusive dining make it easy for everyone to enjoy their healthy meals.

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