Holy (Hot) July! Food Cools You Off.

Holy (Hot) July! Are you hibernating from the heat?

Know what else cools you off? Hot food.

Some say it’s scientific. That eating hot or spicy food can trigger natural body mechanisms to regulate its temperature. For example on a hot morning, people who drink hot coffee begin to perspire and bring down their body temperature.

Others say it’s psychological. That eating a spicy taco will make your brain and body feel cooler than the spicy ingredients.

Well whether it’s scientific or it’s psychological, Ori’Zaba’s has plenty to cool you off on a hot summer day.

Yes we understand that it can even be a challenge to just get in your sweltering-hot-car-burn-your-legs-on-the-seat-takes-too-long-for-the-air-conditioner-to-cool-off and make the trek to Ori’Zaba’s. Guess what? You don’t have to! We deliver! Go to your PostMates and Door Dash apps and place your order.

And whether you like an icy cold seasonal Agua Fresca or a spicy hot Queso to cool you down- we got ya covered!

Some hot day favorites to try:

  • Grilled Lime Shrimp Salad with vinaigrette

  • Chicken Wrap

  • Award winning Fish Tacos with chipotle ranch & cabbage

Whether you’re a brave-hot-car-warrior or a chill-order-from-your-couch kinda person, enjoy Ori’Zaba’s today!

Serving summer for 18 years.

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