How COVID Has Changed Business Ownership

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Since the pandemic first started, daily life has drastically changed for the vast majority of Americans. Social distancing, safety protocols, and mask-wearing have become the norm. Many people are working or virtually learning from home. Small businesses and restaurants have been forced to operate at limited capacities, and some have even had to temporarily or permanently close their doors. Let’s explore how business ownership has changed since COVID-19, and how business owners continue to adapt to the challenges.

As with any challenge, it’s important to stay focused and find ways to adapt. Change is inevitable—without change, there would not be growth. The ones who become successful are the ones who have persevered through many challenges, and found ways to embrace change and grow with it. When restaurants were forced to close their doors to indoor dining, they had to find ways to keep business going despite the circumstances. They got creative and focused on contactless delivery and curbside pickup. When storefront owners had to close their doors to on-premise patrons, they found ways to reach their customers online through their websites and offered online shopping and free delivery.

In the same way, franchise owners and start-ups are finding new ways to get their businesses off the ground, taking a slightly less traditional approach, adapting to virtual meetings, trainings, and site tours. Almost everything that was done in-person before can now be executed virtually. From the franchisor’s perspective, business expansion, planning, and execution to attract the best franchisees continue as usual, with a little more technology and a little less literal handshaking. As a franchisee, with the right outlook and a little creativity, success can be achieved through the pandemic and beyond. The information, training, and support are still there, with digital marketing materials, virtual training on policies and procedures, and online support.

By taking the perspective that new opportunities await, almost anything is possible. Adapting, progressing, and rolling through these changes will make businesses stronger, and we’ll all come out of this more resilient and experienced than ever.

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