How Much Does It Cost to Open an Ori’Zaba’s Franchise?

What is Ori’Zaba’s and what makes us different?

Ori’Zaba’s is a fast casual restaurant franchise based in Las Vegas. The success of our franchise has been due in part to our savory old world Mexican menu, and also in part to our transparency at the corporate level. This transparency goes beyond basic day-to-day operations to bring our franchisees valuable information such as advertising costs, product campaign results, sales trends, location-based review ratings, and data regarding social media engagement and traffic. All of this is presented to our franchisees in the form of monthly metrics, to allow each location the opportunity to learn and further their own establishment.


How much does it cost to open an Ori’Zaba’s restaurant?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a single Ori’Zaba’s Restaurant is between $374,000 and $775,000. This range is dependent on the location of the new restaurant and the timeframe for when the doors will be opened. The initial franchise fee for your first location is $30,000. If you open a second at the same time as the first, then the initial fee for the second will only be $25,000.


Does Ori’Zaba’s offer financing options?

While we don’t currently offer financing options, we do understand that a lot of our franchisees need secondary funding. Due to this, we have performed extensive research to vet financing partners who are able to answer questions and give guidance. Whatever your individual financial needs might be, we encourage you to reach out to one of our financial partners to see what the possibilities might be.

If you are interested in purchasing a franchise restaurant, you should strive for one that has a strong culture and great food. Ori’Zaba’s has 15+ years of making fresh and delicious authentic Mexican food. With an average unit volume of $1,128,979, Ori’Zaba’s is a franchise worth considering.


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