How to Pick a Restaurant Franchise

Serious entrepreneurs looking for a great franchise business opportunity are wise to consider restaurants. But how do you choose one you want to be a part of? For some, it’s all about the company, its offerings, and operating values. Others look for growth potential. Still other investors pick based on lifestyle factors like hours or location.

Whatever your motivations, here are key points to ponder when considering restaurant franchise options:

  • Money Matters: Before you pick a franchise, in fact, before you begin your search, you must understand the factors that may impact your investment budget. For example, some states require franchise registration fees. The next step is to research the costs of each franchise, considering your initial outlays against the expected return. Be sure to also ask about marketing and advertising support that can increase sales to meet your goals.
  • Reputation: Consider the business’ reputation in the market among both customers and franchisees – even talk with current and past owners and operators. And ask franchisers about how they plan to protect their brands going forward by ensuring consistency and quality as they expand.
  • Operational Support: Make sure you investigate a company’s level of support both pre- and post-opening to gauge the assistance you can expect to receive to not only get your site off to a good start, but also performing optimally over the long term.
  • Personal Preferences: If you’re a vegetarian, a burger franchise may not top your list. Or, if you want to spend more time at home in the evenings, you may want a restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch. To narrow your list, identify the type of restaurant you want to operate, your goals, and the role you want to play. Then, search for a fit.

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