Celebrating Independence Day: A Letter From Kori

Veteran Owned

The national anthem gives me goosebumps. Despite everything that is happening with so much divide, strife, and negativity, I still believe in the idea of America. As a United States veteran, independence is something I celebrate everyday. As a business owner, our freedom to do business and make decisions for ourselves is something I celebrate everyday. So this 4th of July, let’s celebrate what freedom and independence mean to us, our families, and our community!

The Pursuit of Happiness

The idea for Ori’Zaba’s Mexican Grill was born in 2001, at the foot of Pico de Orizaba in Veracruz, Mexico. We had an idea – to bring fresh, delicious, authentic Mexican food in a fast casual atmosphere to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Over the years a lot has changed, but the Ori’Zaba’s commitment to high quality has not. We stand by our promise to serve scratch Mexican food, made daily with the freshest ingredients. Freezers or microwave ovens are still outlawed in our restaurants, simply because fresh food tastes and feels best.

We’ve added to our menu to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, from omnivore to plant-based to dairy- and nut-free. It makes me so happy that more people can enjoy the simple pleasure of a fresh-cooked, authentic Mexican meal no matter what their dietary needs! My eyes were opened to other dietary needs as direct result of my own experiences. Changing my diet was an integral part of my own journey of healing. I have so much more to celebrate now, and I have plant-based whole foods to thank for that!

In addition to our Las Vegas community, in our twentieth year of business, I’m so excited to be sharing the fresh, scratch made goodness with two franchisee-owned locations in Texas!

Freedom to Celebrate

In my veteran-led business, Independence Day is a time for celebration. Veterans are certainly patriots, but they are not the only people that have committed (at least) parts of their lives in service to the USA.  Police, teachers, firefighters, social workers, Peace Corp volunteers, and others are all patriots living in service to our country.  We celebrate all those patriots!

 As Americans, we are also blessed to enjoy a fascinating mix of traditions from around the world. As a Mexican restaurant, we are proud to be part of a rich, cultural tapestry thousands of years old. But Mexican food is not just about deep-rooted tradition and family recipes. It’s about a shared experience that brings us together, eliminates boundaries, and makes us all more human and better Americans. 

I invite you to celebrate with us! It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating the fact that you are an independent spirit, love everything about our great country, or just want to party with your favorite people— what the 4th of July means to you is up to you. But whatever it is, let’s celebrate. And let’s celebrate together!

To us!

Kori McClurg

Ori’Zaba’s Owner

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