Indoor Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Enjoying a scenic mexican meal by the mountains

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all that your mother figure means to you! 


Often, our special mother figure is gifted a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a sentimental card or sparkling jewelry. Organizing a brunch, lunch or dinner, also scores brownie points with mom. However, in our current situation, where getting out to a meal together is not possible, we have unique indoor meal ideas that will complement your gifts, still give mom a break, and score some major brownie points for you!

Easy and Memorable Meals for Mom

The best part of any Mother’s Day celebration from the mom’s point of view, is sharing time with the people she loves. Conversation, laughter and hugs, are really the best present a mom could receive. Sitting around the table with generations of women, brings a smile to everyone’s face. Throw in some scrumptious food that she doesn’t have to prepare (or dishes she doesn’t have to wash), and you got yourself an easy and memorable meal for mom!

Bring on the Buffet

Just because you will be celebrating Mother’s Day at home this year, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a fabulous buffet. Create a themed Mexican Fiesta buffet, complete with:

  • Nacho toppings
  • Burrito fillings 
  • Taco stuffings
  • Salsas and Dips
  • Chips and Queso


We offer full service catering; we can provide tables, linens and serving pans that you can set up in your backyard. Or we deliver full meals complete with a main dish, appetizer, drinks and dessert. Ordering delivery of mom’s favorite foods makes for easy Mother’s Day meals.

Party Platters

Party platters are the gift that keeps on giving for Mother’s Day! By ordering a platter you might ensure there will be leftovers for the next meal, meaning mom gets a double break. Ori’Zaba’s Party Platters come in a variety of styles.


  • Quesadilla Platter with your choice of meat
  • Family Size House Salad with your choice of meat or jackfruit carnitas
  • Taquitos Assortment
  • Chicken Wrap Bundle
  • Family Size Tortilla Ensalada 

It’s the Thought that Counts

However you decide to celebrate Mother’s Day, know that your mother or grandmother figure loves the thought you put into every detail. And whatever meal you decide to make, order or pick-up for mom, it will be memorable because it was made by you! The thought really does count when it comes to Mother’s Day.

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