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GRILL COOK (Full-time or Part-time) – $13/hour

Reports to: General Manager / Assistant Manager / Supervisor

Summary of Position:

The grill station is responsible for preparing and cooking a variety of menu items including meats, beans,
sauces, produce and other products. Safe and correct operation, maintaining and cleaning of major
kitchen equipment and appliances.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a positive attendance record by reporting to work for assigned shifts at the correct
    scheduled time.
  • Meet all uniform, appearance and hygiene standards as specified by Management.
  • Follow all company policies and procedures as outlined by Management.
  • Follow all training procedures and perform each shift according to Ori’Zaba’s standard practices.
  • Understand and follow all local health department codes, rules and regulations.
  • Refer to daily prep sheet list at the start of each shift for assigned prep duties.
  • Follow all recipes and standard procedures for food prep required of this station.
  • Train and develop employees in trained position when called upon by Manager.
  • Avoid shortages by demonstrating a “sense of urgency” throughout shift to cook and prepare
    items quickly.
  • Possess and demonstrate excellent, safe and efficient knife skills.
  • Communicate often and clearly with front line staff during shift to maintain proper food levels in
    order to have sufficient quantities for various sales volumes.
  • Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing dishes and dishwashing area.
  • Responsible for taking trash to dumpsters as needed throughout shift using the buddy system
    after dark.
  • Immediately inform Manager/Supervisor on duty of any product shortage.
  • Maintain “clean as you go” policy; keep station sanitized and organized throughout each shift.
  • Operate all equipment and appliances safely and correctly.
  • Follow polices of handling, storage and rotation of all food, beverage, cleaning and paper
  • Follow all company standards and expectations for sanitation and safety.
  • Check and taste all food for Ori’Zaba’s standards and quality that comes from the grill station
    before passing it to serve to customers.
  • Follow and complete 100% of all opening and closing checklist responsibilities.
  • Follow cleaning procedures and assist in daily, weekly and monthly cleaning duties.
  • Prepare and stock shift properly for incoming shifts.
  • Immediately report any equipment malfunction or failure to manager on duty.
  • Knowledge of proper use and storage of all chemicals used within the restaurant.
  • Maintain clear, effective and consistent communication among fellow staff members during each
    and every shift.
  • Maintain culture of teamwork and respect among all fellow staff members.
  • Attend all scheduled staff meetings and bring suggestions or feedback for improvement.


  • Must be able to communicate clearly with Managers and fellow team members.
  • Must be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Possess the ability to multitask, think critically and adapt to changes in pace while moving quickly
    and safely.
  • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 8 hours).
  • Minimum 1 year experience in kitchen preparation and cooking. Some knife skills preferred.
  • Must have valid health card or equivalent.


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