Available through September 30, 2021

Pebre Salsa Picante

Pebre Salsa Picante Spicy as Hell

It's Back and Spicy as H*ll

If you’re the kind of person who likes to live on the edge and enjoy some heat in your food, then this is something that’s right up your alley! We crafted a salsa using four different peppers – Carolina Reapers, Habanero Peppers, Arbol Chiles, and Serrano Chiles. Each one has its own unique flavor profile and offers an extreme kick! 

Our customers are always asking us for a hot salsa that’s not just hot, but also flavorful and complex. The Pebre Salsa Picante delivers. Get this limited time offer today!

Try it Today... If You Dare

Do you have the courage to take on the new Pebre Salsa Picante? It’s made with Carolina Reapers, which have a Scoville heat index of 1,569,300 🔥. Be bold, be brave – it’s Spicy as H*ll! Visit us in person at one of our 4 convenient locations, call ahead for pickup, or order delivery.


Savor the Flavor

Want something a little sweet, umami, savory, and spicy in your life? Come in and try our house-made Orange Street Tacos: Arbol chili powder, slices of fresh oranges tossed on 4″ corn tortillas served with grilled chicken, cabbage pico de gallo, and chipotle ranch!

Try the Arbol Orange Street Tacos Today

 We’re bringing you the flavor for your next meal. Visit us in person at one of our 4 convenient locations, call ahead for pickup, or order delivery. Get this limited time offer today!

Arbol Orange Street Tacos at Ori'Zaba's


Watermelon Agua Fresca

Watermelon or Cucumber Lime?

Experience the taste of summer with two new extraordinarily refreshing artisanal Agua Frescas: Watermelon and Cucumber Lime. Be sure to stop by and try it yourself or order them delivered with your next meal.

Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca
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