Look at Longevity When Selecting a Franchise Business

Since many new restaurants close within the first year of opening, a food franchise with a sustainable presence in the market signals to customers that the place is doing something – or lots of things – right. And that longevity can be just the thing to keep diners coming through the doors.

Why is the longevity of a business key to a franchisee’s success?

  • Quality: Customers want to dine at places that serve high-quality menu items. And a restaurant that’s been around for years has clearly set itself apart because it serves great food that diners love.
  • Comfort: People like familiarity, especially when it comes to fast casual. And if they’ve come to know and love a single establishment or franchise chain, it will become their “go to” when they want to dine out.
  • Dependability: Food trends come and go and sales and gimmicks can only attract patrons for so long. What really matters is that customers know they’ll enjoy proven recipes and a welcoming ambience every time they dine at a location.

So when you’re evaluating franchises, count the years they’ve been in business. Those that have stuck around are still in business for a reason.

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