Look for a Franchise that Elevates the Customer Experience

According to data from the NPD Group, the number of fast casual units is up one percent from last year. So how do franchises set themselves apart in an increasingly crowded space? If you’re evaluating businesses to invest in, be sure it has a customer-centric philosophy in order to gain an edge over the competition.

Franchise businesses reveal they’re diner-first through a number of actions:

  • Serving the freshest food, every day
  • Offering menu variety to appeal to those with special diets like paleo, keto, plant-based and more
  • Designing a welcoming environment with features like outdoor dining spaces
  • Ensuring consistency in recipe preparation from location to location
  • Hiring team members who love building relationships with customers

While it may not be easy to spot these attributes when you’re investigating businesses, there’s one other tell-tale sign that customers come first – longevity – so be sure to consider how many years a business has been in operation.

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