Looking for a Growth Industry? Try Fast-Casual

According to QSR, the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry is the only one to experience growth in the past five years, with visits to these establishments increasing six percent annually.

But just what is fast-casual? Simply put, fast-casual is a concept that blends the convenience of fast food with a casual dining experience that gives patrons the opportunity to sit down, enjoy a more leisurely meal, and sometimes even order an alcoholic beverage. Many boast a comfortable but lively environment, with décor to please the senses.

With the popularity of these restaurants on the rise, if you’re looking to capitalize on this dining trend, think about these three factors before you invest:

  • Brand: Look at the history of a brand’s progression since an established company with name recognition and awareness in this sector will help you capitalize on a proven business.
  • Quality: One reason for the growth of fast-casual is that the restaurants offer healthier, higher quality and more diverse options than fast food so consider a franchise’s menu offerings.
  • Atmosphere: Since fast-casual sites should have a more inviting ambiance than fast food restaurants, make sure the franchise’s standards ensure appealing settings and offers other elements like outside seating to distinguish it from fast food.


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