Loyalty Matters. Our Next Generation Rewards Program Has Arrived!

Loyalty Matters.

And Ori’Zaba’s Fans Are Truly Loyal.  


5 years ago Ori’Zaba’s launched our rewards program as a way of saying thank you to all our loyal Ori’Zaba’s fans. We named it Z.I.P. because our regulars are truly Zaba’s Important People. Now we are 10,000+ members strong, and growing every day.


Just last year we rewarded our members with nearly $75,000 in delicious food perks!   


Our Z.I.P. Members are a vocal bunch.  And they never hesitate to tell us when they want to see changes.   They told us they would like to get credit for more, earn points faster, and make it simpler to track and receive perks.  So we are excited to launch the Z.I.P. 2.0 version of our loyalty rewards program, designed specifically to please these vocal fans!


Starting Thursday, January 18th Ori’Zaba’s launches our next generation loyalty program.


Here are the changes you’re going to see.  

Earn credit for dollars spent

  • the change:  before members earned a single points for an entree.  Now you earn points for entree’s AND appetizers*!  AND not all entree’s and appetizers are created equal…now you earn points for the dollars spent on items.  One point for every dollar spent.  This will help many achieve their rewards faster!

Earn credit for online order purchases

  • the change:  before members could only earn Z.I.P. credit if the came into the  store for purchase.  Now members can add their Z.I.P. information for credit towards online purchases too!

Perks are automatically applied at the register

  • the change:  before members would earn their reward, and then have to wait for an email (and then present the email for their free item).  Now members get their reward immediately at the register – instant gratification!  Earn 150 points, get an $8 perk applied immediately

Use perk on anything at Ori’Zaba’s

  • the change:  before members could only redeem their perk for a free entree… now they get to choose what they want to use their perk for….  appetizer, beer, entree, specialty drink, etc!*

Now easier than ever for NEW members to register

  • the change:  before members had to complete an online registration to become a Z.I.P. Member.  Now our cashier registers members automatically at point of sale.  (Existing Z.I.P. registered members are already added to the new 2.0 system, no registration required)

No need to carry a Z.I.P. card anymore

  • the change:  simply give cashier registered email address and points are applied.  Even credit and debit cards can be recognized and tied to a Z.I.P. account!

BUT some things you loved about the program HAVE NOT CHANGED!

  • Z.I.P. Members will still receive advance notice of monthly promotions, bonuses and new product announcements!
  • There are still no limits.  Members keep earning an $8 perk* every time they reach 150 points


For more than 15 years Ori’Zaba’s has been giving Las Vegas the freshest, most flavorful food around.  While we give our loyal customers rewards, we are really the ones who are rewarded with some of the best, most loyal fans around.  


Thank you to all of you who help make us a success.  


We appreciate you, Zaba’s Important People.    



*Catering expenditures are excluded – No points will be earned, nor perks applied towards catering.   Perk is up to $8 value for one time purchase – unused perk cannot be stored.


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