Make Your Holiday Office Party A Breeze!

The Dreaded Office Holiday Party! 


Not everyone loves a holiday party.

Forcing people to hang out socially can be challenging.

(especially after spending a huge portion of their life working together)


BUT there are ways to make it fun for all.  


For example – start out with food EVERYONE wants (hint: Ori’Zaba’s caters the freshest and tastiest catering options for crowds from 5-5,000).  


Here are 7 ideas to make your office holiday celebration a success.  


1) Give Staff The Time Off – (don’t make them give up their personal free time) have it be a gift of free time that co-workers wouldn’t normally get to have (i.e. a 2:00 party with early dismissal)


2) Make the Food Delicious!  While potlucks are low budget, it is much more meaningful to the team if the company foots the bill (hint #2 Ori’Zaba’s caters) 


3) Don’t Force Grown Ups To Play Games.  If you want to include games to lighten the mood, have them be self-run, such as a holiday corn hole game, or a game of guess the holiday movie.  BUT let people do this organically, instead of stopping all the casual talk to start a formal game where all have to participate.  (hint #3: OriZaba’s offers gift cards that make great prizes!)  Let the social hour continue in parallel for the non-game types.

4) If Alcohol Is Served, Have A Plan!  Make sure food and snacks are plentiful to keep the food:alcohol ratio in check. Also have rides planned for those drinking, as needed.  (hint #4 serve Ori’Zaba’s food!) 


5) Reward Outstanding Employees – a holiday party is a great time to thank the team for their efforts all year. (hint #5:  An Ori’Zaba’s catering gift card would make an employee super happy, making their personal holiday celebrations easy!) 


6) Have a Charitable Effort In Mind – Get your team to participate in a friendly office competition having different groups compete to drive a charitable efforts.  For example, create a contest for which department can collect the most toys for a charity, or collect the most food for a food bank.  Reward the winning teams at the party.  (hint #5 AGAIN Ori’Zaba’s gift cards make great prizes!) 

7) Final Hint:  Ori’Zaba’s is your one stop shop for:

     a) Catering needs FOR the party

     b) Catering and gift cards for prizes AT the party


Relax!  We Got This!  Let the friendly team at Ori’Zaba’s cater your event…

and make you look like a hero.  


Ask a store manager about all the catering options Ori’Zaba’s offers, including bulk items, party platters, taco bars, gallon-size Agua Fresca, and more.  


AND throughout the month of December, spend $100 in catering at Ori’Zaba’s and we’ll throw in a gallon of Agua Fresca (choose Pineapple, Horchata, or Iced Coffee).

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