National Bosses Day is Oct 16th

National Bosses Day is Oct 16th

Please…..isn’t that just another made up holiday to sell greeting card?  Nope!

Turns out the idea of creating a dedicated day to show appreciation for your boss originated in 1958, when a secretary at a State Farm Agency felt her fellow peers didn’t appreciate the efforts of their supervisors.   She thought that creating a day honoring bosses would improve intra-office relationships between mangers and employees.  In truth, National Bosses day didn’t hit the greeting card market until 1978.

But do bosses really want a gift or recognition on this day?  

Most say they really don’t want a gift, preferring a simple note of appreciation for something they did that was inspiring or motivating.  Even more say the love getting FOOD for National Bosses Day.  Bring them a fancy coffee.  Fill their drawers with Candy.   Take them to  Ori’Zaba’s for lunch!  Bring Ori’Zaba’s catering back to the office.  OR buy them an Ori’Zaba’s gift card!  Trust us – you’ll look like a hero! 

For those of you lucky enough to have boss with a great sense of humor, a prank is always in order for National Bosses day.    

Top 5 boss pranks to show your appreciation(?):

  1. Cover their car with Sticky Notes
  2. Make their trashcan a goldfish tank
  3. Fill their office from floor to ceiling with balloons
  4. Fill their drawers with hole punches or confetti
  5. Wrap every item on their desk with wrapping paper

Or forget about the prank and celebrate National Bosses day (aka take your boss out to lunch day) with  Ori’Zaba’s, where you’ll find the freshest ingredients turned into the tastiest items MADE FROM SCRATH (IN HOUSE) DAILY.  

Plus when you choose Ori’Zaba’s, your boss will know you appreciate quality taste, at a good value, with great service.

No Microwaves. No Freezers.  Just Freshness.

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