National Soup Month The Mexico Way

January is National Soup Month 


And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious bowl of Tortilla Soup?  


Ori’Zaba’s Tortilla Soup is Back!  


As the nights get cooler, just like clockwork our customers start begging for the return of our Tortilla Soup.  If you’ve never tried our Tortilla Soup, you’re missing out.  Our handcrafted recipe is derived from an Ori’Zaba’s employee contest – and the tradition has carried on each fall and winter, with the return of our seasonal Tortilla Soup.   Made fresh daily in each Ori’Zaba’s restaurant (no begging required).  


Why’s ours so special?  

Because we use only the freshest ingredients, of course.   The perfect blend of vegetables and spices and topped with your favorite Ori’Zaba’s toppings and crisp tortilla strips.  We make it the traditional way, blending it with grilled tortillas, and you can even add chicken or any other favorite Ori’Zaba’s protein.

Ori’Zaba’s Tortilla Soup is a healthy, hearty, warm, delicious choice for the New Year.   


Is Tortilla Soup really a dish from Mexico?  Yes.  Its roots can be traced to central Mexico, and pre-dates Spanish influence.   There are unlimited variations of the dish, some incorporating meat, beans, rice and more.  The soup often varies by region, depending on availability of ingredients, but it’s most always broth-based with special blend of savory spices.


Is your mouth watering yet?  

Cure the January blahs and get to Ori’Zaba’s today.  

Let us know what your favorite toppings are for your Ori’Zaba’s Tortilla Soup.   


Happy National Soup Month!  Forget all those other boring soups and choose the best Tortilla Soup in town.  


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