New and Improved Reward Program

Reward Program

Hey Z.I.P. Members-

You asked, we listened! A better rewards program is coming your way. We want you to be rewarded every time you order from Zaba’s. That means you get rewarded for ordering online, for catering, for buying your favorite beverage, ordering meals at the store; rewards for EVERYTHING! 

Can I get a virtual fist bump?!

Reward Program Details

You will receive 2x points on ANY item, ALL the time

AND, you can redeem sooner! Redemptions are now processed at the 100 point level, rewarding you with $5 off any purchase.

That’s twice the rewards that can be redeemed sooner, which means more yummy food coming your way, more often!

Even better news, if you are a current Z.I.P. Member, your rewards account will be automatically upgraded to the new program. There is:

No new card

No new account

No registration needed

Not a Z.I.P. Member?

Signing up to get these new benefits is easy. Just give your email address to the cashier when you are at the check-out in one of our stores. You will then receive a “Verify Your Email” confirmation email. After verifying your email, you are an official Z.I.P. Member!

You can also create an account without going to a store or placing an order. Here’s how:

  1.   Go to this webpage:
  2.   Select the restaurant location you prefer
  3.   On the next screen, in the top right hand corner, select “Create an Account” (you do not have to place an order to create an account)
  4.   Enter your information
  5.   You will receive an email to confirm your address
  6.   Welcome to the Z.I.P. Members Club!
  7.   Start earning unlimited rewards

Simple is better, right? So, we made this new program extra easy for you – and extra rewarding. More ways to earn, more ways to get rewarded.

Get ready…

Get set…

Earn those points! 

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