NEW! Queso Planta at Ori’Zaba’s

Plants aren’t what they used to be.  They’re so much more.

NEW! Queso Planta at Ori’Zaba’s

Dairy-Free Perfection

Plant-based options are becoming a norm in healthy eating.   But these options aren’t your Mama’s vegetarian options.  These are packed with flavor, texture and health benefits.

Did you know that many people are even choosing to go meatless a few days a week, for the known health benefits.  Whether you are a die-hard vegan, or a vegetarian dabbler, we have one of the most plant-based friendly and tasty menus around.


But not all plant-based options are created equally.  Ori’Zaba’s sets the same rigorous standard for our meatless options as we do for traditional menu items.   They must be delicious, made-fresh-from-scratch, layers of flavor, quality products and fully satisfying.  And NEW Queso Planta is just that.

Our fans have been telling us for years how much to love the concept of a rich, creamy queso, but many cant eat it either by choice or dietary restriction.  So we set our team to work to come of with a plant-based, non-dairy solution.  And Queso Planta was born.   Its a nut-based sauce with smokey and spicy undertones, making it the perfect cheese replacement for nachos, tacos, bowls, burritos, and salads.   The feedback is overwhelming… people are raving about Queso Planta.

Come to Ori’Zaba’s and request a taste.  Its exceptional, and a fraction of the fat and calories of traditional queso.  No worries – all of you who love our Traditional Queso, its still also available.

Flexible menu choices, for all dietary needs.

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