Ori’Zaba’s Cares: Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

In our last blog we profiled how Ori’Zaba’s has supported our local Las Vegas community through reduced price meals, student programs, and feeding law enforcement. Sharing is caring and providing great tasting, fresh food always raises people’s spirits and puts a smile on the recipients face. In this blog we have a few more Ori’Zaba’s acts of kindness to share. 

Hope in the Face of Tragedy

In 2017, when tragedy struck Las Vegas in the form of a mass shooting, the entire world mourned the heinous act. Locally, family and friends were desperate to help in some way. 

The Ori’Zaba’s team reached out to their management team, asking what they could do to help their community. The team decided to share their love for their community through food. They cooked mountains of food and prepared warm meals filled with fresh flavor, hope, and love. In the end, Ori’Zaba’s donated:

  • 400 meals to the FBI (through LVMPO Wives Organization)
  • 500 meals to Valley Hospital (through the Crossing Church)
  • 450 meals to police (through American Red Cross)

The team really stepped up to the plate to serve their neighbors and community during this tough time. Giving and healing are intertwined and we were honored to be part of the process.

Helping Those In Need

The Ori’Zaba’s team has also found ways to donate leftover ingredients that weren’t used in the kitchen to needy organizations within the community. We have donated leftover chicken, steak, and rice to a homeless shelter and to an organization that feeds seniors.  The organizations creatively used the ingredients to create horchata, burritos, and bowls to feed those in need. It was rewarding to see how our extra ingredients could benefit our community in such a positive way.  

Supporting Employees

Our employees are an integral part of bringing the Ori’Zaba’s experience to life. They take great pride in serving flavorful, authentic Mexican food to our community and we take great pride in supporting them on their career path. 

Our managers generally stay with us over seven years, they are drawn to the supportive, family atmosphere and love getting to know our regular customers. We have supported professional employee growth through financial assistance for English classes, managerial, and training opportunities. Creating positive career growth opportunities also gives back to our community because happy employees make good neighbors!

Rainbow Pride

In April, Ori’Zaba’s added a new colorful item to their menu: Rainbow Nachos. This zesty Nacho dish includes all the colors of the rainbow and is only available until June 30, 2021. 

Blue tortilla chips are piled high with colorful and flavorful ingredients including:

Orange Chipotle Ranch – Adds a kick of cool

Green Avo Crema – A guacamole based dressing

Red Sliced Jalapenos – Spicing up the rainbow

Pink Sour Cream – Dreamy, creamy goodness

Purple Cabbage – Crunchtastic!

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