Ori’Zaba’s Cares: Giving Back to Our Community

giving back to community

For twenty years Ori’Zaba’s has been serving the surrounding Las Vegas area with authentic, fresh, and fabulous Mexican food; simultaneously, we have also been serving our community in another very important way. Our leadership team and employees have been giving back to our community through food donations and supporting important local causes.

Acts of giving make our communities stronger. When we come together as one, we can create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that makes our neighborhoods welcoming and great places to live. This is why giving back is a core value at Ori’Zaba’s, it’s our way of spreading a little extra love in the world.

Lunches Made with Love

Recently, the Ori’Zaba’s team made 1,200 lunches every week at a reduced cost, for three months, for a local school, Equipo Academy. The school offered lunches to students for free at the beginning of the pandemic. Ori’Zaba’s employees jumped at the chance to make the lunches to support a community school and provide healthy and great tasting lunches for students, many of whom rely on lunch as their main meal of the day.

Supporting Students

Ori’Zaba’s has a history of supporting students. In the past, we have partnered with the Clark County School District to launch Ori’Zaba’s National Young Readers program. Readers were encouraged to read five books to earn a free meal. We were energized by all of the smiling faces we served during this program. Kids have an innate joy that is contagious and our hearts were filled when we had the opportunity to share in their excitement of reaching their reading goals. In total, Ori’Zaba’s awarded 11,000 free meals during National Young Readers Week.

Love for Law Enforcement

Ori’Zaba’s has also fed our hard working police officers of the LVPD. Since the program’s inception, we have donated tens of thousands half price meals to on-duty officers. The officers not only enjoy a warm meal but also are able to take a minute to re-energize before hitting the streets again to serve our community. Every officer that we have served has shared his or her gratitude for his or her meal, and the gratitude was contagious! We were filled with gratitude for the hard work and dedication that our officers give our community every day. 

In the wake of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, our LVPD were heroic first responders to those in need. Their acts of selflessness in the face of danger were exemplary. Ori’Zaba’s donated 450 meals through the American Red Cross to on duty officers during this tragic time. It was our way of thanking the men and women of the police force for serving our community. 

Giving back and supporting our community gives every Ori’Zaba’s manager and employee a feeling of fulfillment. It feels good to be part of a larger cause, and sharing goodness with our neighbors is definitely a cause worth supporting. If you are part of an organization that would like to partner with Ori’Zaba’s in helping our community, please contact us at: may@zabas.com

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