Ori’Zaba’s Cares – September Rainforest Fundraiser

Ori’Zaba’s Cares Goes Global

Giving back to our community, and even our planet, is an Ori’Zaba’s core value.   

Over the years we’ve supported many organizations, including blood drives, cancer patients, Vegas first responders, at risk children organizations and school districts.   

It is our privilege to be able to contribute a portion of our sales to further such important causes.

This summer the catastrophic news of the burning Rain Forest made us realize the fragile nature of our world.  So we launched a campaign to donate a portion of our Jackfruit Carnitas sales to the Rainforest Trust.

We felt strongly that our Jackfruit Carnitas are already an excellent example of how a plant-based protein can provide delicious flavors with minimal environmental impact.  So the tie was perfect.

NASA satellite image of fire hotspots.

Throughout the month of September we’ve collected $555 dollars to donate to this very worthy cause.   Thank you to all who helped us support this effort.   

To learn more about the charity and discover how you too can contributeRainforest Trust Saves Rainforest

Rainforest Trust saves threatened rainforest habitat and the wildlife that live there.(52 kB)

OriZaba’s Cares

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