Ori’Zaba’s Loves Active, Reserved & Retired Military.

Veterans Day Is Nov 11th!

& Vegas Is Military Proud!

Ori’Zaba’s [icon name=”heart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] our active, reserved and retired military.  Some of our most loyal guest are military personnel and military families – you know who you are!  And we thank you for your loyalty, and more importantly we thank you for your service.  


Military Fun Facts!* Test Your Knowledge.

Answers below! No peeking! 

1) How many of the 45 United States Presidents have served in the military?   

2) Are Marines allowed to carry umbrellas while in uniform?

3) What branch of the military was responsible for mapping the United States?

 4) Which cartoon character was named an honorary marine? 

5) Who was the infamous “Man In Black” Airman?

 *as reported by USO.Org.



All Military Personnel Come to Ori’Zaba’s all day Saturday November 11th to celebrate Veterans Day. Present Military ID and your meal is on us!

(With purchase of drink).


Relax. We Got This! 

Don’t Forget!  Make your holiday planning a breeze – let Ori’Zaba’s cater your family/neighborhood/office party during the chaos of the busy season! Call your closest store for details or visit zabas.com to see our catering options. 



1) 31

2) yes, but only female Marines

3) US Army – including Lewis and Clark – US Army were some of the first US citizens to see The Grand Canyon and Pikes Peak

4) Master Sgt Bugs Bunny

5) Johnny Cash served in the US Air Force from 1950-1954 as Staff Sergeant


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