Our Original Queso Is Back!

Queso Is Back!


What do you mean back?  

Wasn’t it always here? 


Yes, but….

The ORIGINAL Ori’Zaba’s Queso is back.


Folks you asked for it and we delivered – after a short hiatus, the original Queso is back.  


Why did it go, you may ask?  

Well the answer is simple… our secret ingredient was temporarily unavailable from our food supplier.   BUT fear not, its back!


Why is our Queso so good?  

It’s flavorful!

The roasted chillis and tomatillos make all the difference –

(smoky and delicious!)

It’s fresh!

This isn’t that microwaved, lukewarm, jar of orange junk.

(It’s made fresh daily by combining the highest quality ingredients!)

It’s made with love!

We hand-shred the cheese, fire roast the chillis

(and combine into a perfect queso)

It’s a great topper!

Add to a burrito, bowl or salad,

(and its over-the-top deliciousness!)

It’s good enough to drink!

But we dont recommend that…

(why waste a chance chance to eat a great tortilla chip?!)


Tell Your Friends!  Tell Your Family!

Check out our Queso Movie 

Compare Ori’Zaba’s Queso To Others – Ours WINS EVERY TIME



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