Outdoor Seating Attracts Diners, Increases Revenue

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Whether looking out towards an ocean, sunset or skyline view, outdoor seating adds value by boosting a restaurant’s revenue potential. In fact, the Chicago Tribune recently reported that alfresco dining can increase a location’s revenue by up to 30 percent.

Why do outdoor spaces increase restaurant sales?

  • Passersby see diners outside, attracting them to come in
  • The extra space increases seating capacity
  • Outdoor dining enhances the environment and energy, reflecting positively on the establishment’s brand
  • A patio improves a location’s curb appeal
  • Eating outside gives diners the impression of a fresher, healthier experience

Keep in mind that even a simple space can be enough to appeal to diners; you don’t need a location with fancy fireplaces or TVs to influence them. So if you’re looking for a franchise business that’s optimized to drive visibility and sales, consider a company that features an outdoor dining space as part of their standard build out.

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