Portions: Size Does Matter

Size (Still) Matters. 

When was the last time you were at a restaurant and finished everything on your plate? 

It seems like the portions are getting out of control. In fact, according to an American Heart Association, portions have grown over the past 40 years.   Americans on average now consume 300 more daily calories than they consumed in 1985, and we EAT OUT a lot more than we did then.

It’s not just the portions –

it’s the cost too!  [icon name=”money” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

More than half of Millennials (according to a Bankrate study):
  • eat at least 3 meals per week OUT
  • 29% say they buy brewed coffee out at least three times per week
  • 51% go to the bar at least once per week.

These costs can really add up.

But not everyone loves huge portions. And not everyone wants to pay a high price for a huge portion they wont finish. We heard this firsthand from our customers.   Our store managers kept telling us how frequently adults wanted to order from the kid menu (to save money, save calories, or both).  So we decided to launch a new lower cost menu, with the perfect portion size, but with grown-up tastes in mind.

It’s here!  Introducing PerfectoPortions. 

It’s not easy to split a burrito.  And splitting a taco? What a mess.   No need!  Now you can get a just-the-right-size entree to fill you up, and remain wallet friendly – each PerfectoPortion item costs less than $5! You can even order your everyday favorites like the ZabaBowl in smaller portion sizes now.

So for all you eat-out-every-dayers, calorie-watchers, on-a-budget-diners – get to Ori’Zaba’s today and check out PerfectoPortions, or order online at zabas.com for faster pick up. And for those of you we CAN actually finish a full-sized entree – no worries, full-portion sizes are still available! 

Don’t forget – Zaba’s never uses freezers or microwaves.  There are no shortcuts to greatness.  Just delicious whole ingredients, transformed into made-from-scratch deliciousness – served in PerfectoPortions.
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