Reaping Revenue Outside a Food Franchise Doors

Serious investors evaluating fast-casual food franchise businesses have a lot to consider. When reviewing a restaurant, identifying additional opportunities for future growth and success is key. And one of the most important contributors to a site’s potential is the existence of multiple revenue streams that can extend the brand and reach new customers.

Here are five additional ways restaurants can boost sales.

  1. Catering: With highly portable food, catering to large groups or events is a great way to serve regular customers and generate referrals to create a new source of steady income.
  2. Bulk Foods: To service large groups like businesses and parties, prepared bulk food like platters and boxed lunches to go are a great way to broaden a restaurant’s reach.
  3. Outdoor Venues: Creating an enticing, comfortable area for customers to extend their stay beyond just dining is an important addition to any fast-casual restaurant business.
  4. Alcohol: Alcohol, especially unique specialty drinks, can attract crowds that translate into higher sales, making it an important line of business.
  5. Ancillary Items: An enhanced menu with additional items beyond the standard offerings, such as appetizers, soups, salads and desserts, can set a restaurant apart.

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